Don’t waste time and improve your work, with professional equipment and electric and manual machines for cutting and drilling stone materials.


Electric tile cutters

The relentless evolution of the materials used in laying, to simplify, from natural to artificial, increasingly aesthetically appealing and therefore sought after by engineers and architects, but also resistant to water, climatic variations, temperature, trampling and abrasion, has introduced to the market tiles that are increasingly compact and tough to work with.

This evolution led Montolit’s technicians to confront new problems that pushed the company, back in the 1980s, among the first in the industry, to enter the fascinating world of diamonds.

A completely new structure has allowed us to experiment with different solutions, from the first prototypes of diamond tools for cutting and drilling ceramics, to one of the most comprehensive catalogue on the market, with solutions for practically every type of stone processing.

From diamond discs for cutting to the machines on which the same tools are then mounted, the step was short and almost obligatory, thus the first Montolit electric sawing machines (tile cutters) were born.

Brevetti Montolit Spa has over 30 years’ experience in this sector and today manufactures and markets a complete range of electric wet tile cutters for professional use worldwide.

These electric cutters are engineered with the aim of providing the installer with a sawing machine capable of making precise and fast cuts, even on large tiles (long and thick).

The basic technical features that allow Montolit tile cutters to perform at the highest level and to position themselves on the market as top of the range are as follows:

  • Raw materials and main components strictly Made in Italy
  • Robust nickel-plated steel and aluminium construction
  • Tested Italian engines of proven reliability
  • Optimised handling systems for a single operator
  • Patented systems for angle adjustment and clamping to size of tiles, even large format tiles
  • Top-of-the-line DNA diamond discs included in electric cutters
  • Worktops in stainless steel or aluminium
  • Ergonomic knobs and levers for handling the motor body
  • Cable and water pipe protectors for longer life on site
  • Patented support point adjustment system even on uneven working surfaces
  • Lifetime warranty on factory defects

Many other design and ergonomic features ensure that Montolit electric cutters are now sold and appreciated in over 100 countries.

To date, Montolit’s family of electric waterjet cutters consists of compact, medium and large machines as well as special machines.

In detail to date the 4 Montolit waterjet cutter families are:

– F2 electric water cutter (compact)

– F1 electric water-jet cutter (bridge cutter with dimensions ranging from 100 to 181 centimetres)

– Tornado electric water cutter (medium size and high power)

– Aquaflex (universal water-based dust suppression system)