Brevetti Montolit SpA manufactures and sells professional equipment and various lines of electric and manual machines for cutting and drilling stone materials.


Brevetti Montolit SpA was founded in the immediate post-war period in a back room on the outskirts of Varese, thanks to the brilliant intuition of Fu Cav. Vincenzo Montoli, later awarded the coveted Inventore Benemerito diploma. Thanks to the technical and production staff formed around the initial project, these brilliant ideas were later translated into the design and production of equipment that allowed Brevetti Montolit SpA to achieve a position of hegemony in the construction industry.

From the first rudimentary ‘machines’ for cutting materials such as marble and granite, we have progressed to more complex machines (always exclusive) for processing all types of stone materials. For the ingenuity of its design, perfection, robustness, quality and durability of its products, Brevetti Montolit SpA has been awarded several international prizes including the coveted European ‘Golden Mercury’ Award and the World ‘Golden Hercules’ Award.

All products are fully or partially covered by international patents to protect and safeguard the interests of our customers, who can count on special and unique products.


The use of new, tougher laying materials has led the technical R&D department to study and develop new and different cutting and drilling systems

Step by step we have reached the most recent corporate evolutionary phase: first the design and then the production of different lines of machines, always ingenious, capable of “working” the most disparate materials, covered in whole or in part by international patents and rights. , like all the products that are part of the production and commercial line of Brevetti Montolit S.p.A.

In order to guarantee users the quality, which has always been the hallmark of its products,the company has at the same time created special facilities for the design and production of the tools for its machines; the Brevetti Montoliot S.p.A. In fact, for the past twenty years or so, it has entered the competitive diamond tool market with a model factory capable of combining high output with remarkable quality standards.


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