The new line of machines Power 5 is based on the fundamental advantage of “All in One” (always ready for action!) and includes the distinctive characteristics that have made the “Masterpiuma” the worldwide leader in the field of professional tile cutters. Everything has been redesigned to tackle the most recent and innovative ceramic materials (including new formats of increasingly tough porcelain but also extremely delicate vitrified tiles) with a view to giving an overall improved performance!


Don’t waste time and improve your work, with professional equipment and electric and manual machines for cutting and drilling stone materials.


Since 1946 Montolit has specialised in the production of a wide range of professional manual tile cutters. Montolit’s different lines of manual tile cutters are designed to give the tiler a robust, easy-to-use and multifunctional cutter.

Manual tile cutters designed to meet the needs of tilers

The development of these tools starts with cooperation with the world’s leading ceramic manufacturers and by listening carefully to the tiler’s needs.

All tile cutters in the Montolit line are capable of cutting almost all tiles on the market in seconds: porcelain, ceramic, thin, thick and vitrified porcelain tiles. In addition, a specific engraving and splitting system enables our tile cutters to also cut glass and glass mosaic tiles of different sizes.

The type of manual tile cutters offered by Montolit

The range of Montolit manual tile cutters is subdivided as follows:

– Small tile cutter

– Manual tile cutters ‘essential’ version

– Multifunctional super-professional tile cutters

Montolit small manual tile cutters

Small tile cutters are ideal for working in small spaces and with small ceramic and mosaic tiles. A typical example of the use of these tile cutters is the laying of mosaic or small tiles in the bathroom or kitchen (there are both push and pull versions).

Montolit manual tile cutters ‘essential’ version

Manual tile cutters ‘essential’ version are made with the main objective of providing the ceramic tile cutter with the basic functions necessary for cutting the most common ceramic materials.

The multifunctional Montolit manual tile cutters

Multifunctional super-professional tile cutters are a specific best-selling product line engineered to make the tiler’s work as easy as possible, save time and avoid the possibility of incorrectly broken tiles being laid. These cutters have several patents, each one designed to solve specific problems in engraving and cutting ceramic and glass materials.

The success of the Montolit Masterpiuma line of professional tile cutters

In particular, the Professional line of Masterpiuma tile cutters is today one of the best-selling manual tile cutters in the world and is widespread in over 120 countries.
The series of super-professional tile cutters called Masterpiuma includes various models with sizes from 44 cm up to 155 cm.