Don’t waste time and improve your work, with professional equipment and electric and manual machines for cutting and drilling stone materials.


Professional tools for processing (handling, cutting and drilling) large porcelain stoneware slabs.

By large format tiles we mean tiles ranging in size from 120 cm to over 3 metres and 60 centimetres.
This type of giant tile first appeared on international markets in 2008 and since then production volumes have increased relentlessly.
Some countries in particular have adopted these tiles very quickly and today they already represent very important percentages of the domestic market.
The processing of these porcelain tiles is based on the same technical principles as for small and medium-sized tiles, but specific tools and techniques are required.
Tools for machining large-format plates can be divided into five main categories depending on the processing stage:

Handling large format plates:

The handling of these slabs is one of the most delicate phases of the laying process. The plates are normally transported in horizontal wooden crates or on A-frames (wooden or metal).
Once the products arrive at the site, a special forklift is needed to extract the crate from the truck and place it in the work area.
These slabs have thicknesses ranging from 3 to 20 mm and, as mentioned above, span lengths of up to 3.60 metres.

For this reason, large-format tiles can flex, twist and are particularly brittle, especially near the edges.

To prevent breakage or damage during handling from the storage area to the work area, Brevetti Montolit has created a series of specific products and accessories:

– Corner guards with different heights for corner protection

– Adjustable manual handling systems, equipped with professional suction cups, with safety vacuum gauge to maintain tightness even in extreme situations

– Mechanical handling systems on structured wheels capable of handling plates with very high weights up to 260 KG

– Carts/Trolleys for handling slabs within the work area

Cutting large format sheets:

The cutting of giant tiles is based on the same engraving and splitting technology that is commonly used for standard-sized tiles.
Cutting can then be done with a manual system or with an electric cutter and a diamond blade.

In the specific case of large formats, the machines are designed to allow the installer to make cuts with speed and maximum precision.

It is important to emphasise that in order to make a precise cut and avoid unwanted breakage, it is essential that the ceramic or porcelain slab is placed on an extremely rigid, straight and stable surface.

The products required for cutting giant tiles are as follows:

-Modular, robust and easily transportable work table

-Mountable manual tile cutter with patented suction-free Flash Line system

– Moto Flash Line, motorised version of the Flash Line manual tile cutter

-Diamond dlades specifically for thin and delicate large format tiles

Drilling of large format plates:

The drilling of large-format porcelain tiles, especially thin ones, is another very delicate processing step. Increasingly, these sheets need to be drilled in several places with round and/or square holes.
These holes are often located close together in the case of taps, shower cubicles or hobs.
To avoid any inconvenience during the drilling phase, Montolit has developed a series of diamond cutters specifically for giant and thin slabs.
These cutters have reduced thicknesses and, thanks to specific diamond grit sizes and a specially designed shape, reduce vibrations to a minimum.

The main product lines for large-format sheet drilling are:

-Specific dry drilling discs for drilling holes in giant slabs

-Diamond cutters for medium to large holes in large tiles for use on angle grinders

-Diamond drill bits for drilling small holes in large format sheets for use on angle grinders or drills

Finishing grade-format slabs:

More and more, designers and architects are being asked to create specific pairings between large format slabs. For this reason, it is necessary that the sides of the tile undergo specific processing such as chamfering or cutting at 45 degrees.
Performing these processes by hand using a simple angle grinder is a lengthy process with inconsistent results due to the length of the plate.
Montolit has developed a specific tool that allows the production of 45-degree bevels or very accurate fillets on large format sheets.
The product is called Toprofile and is in effect a professional portable tile profiler for tiles of any size.

Laying large format slabs:

When the slab is machined and ready for installation, the same handling system used to transport the slab from the pallet to the work table, the Superlift large-format slab handling system, can be used for installation.
Once the tile is in place on the wall or floor, the tile adhesive used must be evenly distributed under the tile and on its contact surface. In order to facilitate the even distribution of the adhesive, Montolit has developed a swinging suction cup for tiles and slabs.
This suction cup, called Battile, works with adjustable micro-vibrations that facilitate the distribution of the adhesive under the surface of the tile, avoiding dangerous air bubbles.