We have collected the best videos showing the main techniques to cut mosaics and glass tiles.

Mosaics and glass tiles are widely used in various nations of the world. Architects, designers and interior designers often use these materials to elegantly decorate bathrooms and kitchens.

Due to the inherent fragility of these materials, it is essential to use specific tools as well as cutting or drilling techniques when in need to cut mosaics and glass tiles. If you do not pay the due attention to these aspects, these materials might break before being installed which carries consequences such as unaesthetic visible chips.

The following 10 videos show the cutting and drilling of different types of mosaic and glass tile, such as:

  •  coloured glass mosaic with large but low thickness tiles;
  •  glass mosaic with small and thick tiles;
  •  large-format glass tiles;
  •  large-format Sandwich glass tiles by Sicis;
  •  very thick glass tiles.

Depending on the materials we need to cut and on the type of cut, we can choose among different cutting techniques.

Cutting Technique #1 – Manual cut using a professional tile cutter;

Cutting Technique #2 – Cut with a Wet Tile Saw equipped with a diamond blade.


How to understand when to use Technique #1 or Technique #2?

Cutting Technique #1

Manual cut with a professional tile cutter – is recommended when dealing with glass mosaic or a flat surface glass tile, less than 1 cm (0.39 inch) thick. This technique can only be used for straight cuts, it cannot be used to create corners and/or indentations.

If you need a straight cut, the use of the manual tile cutter Masterpiuma equipped with a cutting mat specific for glass, is very fast (less than 20 seconds per mosaic tile for an experienced tiler) and it does not create dust.

Hands-on advice: When using a manual tile cutter to cut glass, it is a good practice to apply a light incision force in order to obtain a good finish after splitting.

Cutting Technique #2

Use of a Wet Tile Saw equipped with a diamond blade – is recommended when dealing with glass mosaics or glass tiles with very irregular surfaces and thicker than 1 cm (0.39 inch). To cut those types of tiles, it is recommended to use a wet tile saw. The choice of a high-performance blade is vital, as it has to guarantee a fast and no-chip cut. With Montolit CPV diamond blade you can cut any type of glass with an excellent finishing. This technique is also recommended for complex L – shaped cuts, indentations and Jolly cuts.

Hands-on advice: When using a wet tile saw it is best not to force the cut and let the blade proceed at its own pace. Lots of water should be used to cool down the diamond blade. If you are cutting painted glass tile, we recommend to turn the tiles around, with the painted side upwards, in order to see the painted side while cutting. You can clearly see this in some of our videos.

These are only a few examples that show specific case studies. If you need technical advice on how to make special cuts, do not hesitate to contact us.


Cutting Technique #1 – Manual Tile Cutter with mat for cutting glass.


Case 1: Hexagonal glass mosaic cut


Case 2: Waved Glass Tile Cut with Masterpiuma P3


Case 3: Masterpiuma cutting small glass mosaic


Case 4: Cutting thick glass slab with Masterpiuma manual tile cutter


Case 5: Cutting mirror mosaic


Cutting Technique #2 – Wet Tile Saw Cut equipped with a diamond blade

Case 6: Cutting Coloured glass mosaic


Case 7: Cutting thick large format glass


Case 8: How to cut screen printed coloured glass tile


Case 9: Cutting glass tile, glass sheets and mosaic with diamond blade

Case 10: How to make 45 degrees cut on glass tile