For professional tilers worldwide, the precision and efficiency of their tools are paramount. 

Montolit, a frontrunner in the innovative tiling tools industry, brings forward a new patented solution, the ATLAS. Tailored specifically for the challenges faced difficult cuts, ATLAS is born to simplify the cutting process. 



The Challenge in Tiling

 Whenever a tiler needs to make a cut on the shorter side of a lengthy tile, most of the tile hangs over the edge of the tiling cutter. This overhang can lead to an imbalance, posing a  risk of unwanted breakages.

 Many tilers and contractors all over the world use creative solutions like sponges, plastic bottles, or even broken tile pieces to support the overhanging tile. Though creative, these solutions are far from professional.


Discover ATLAS

ATLAS is a groundbreaking tool designed to be placed right next to the tile cutter, providing robust support to tiles during the cutting process. But ATLAS isn’t just a support tool. It comes with a range of features that make it indispensable for professionals:

        • Adjustable Height: It can seamlessly adapt to almost any professional tile cutter in the market, and naturally, it’s a perfect match for Montolit Masterpiuma P5 tile cutter.
        • Spring System: This system allows the tile to lower slightly during the split. The resistance is adjustable, catering to tiles of various weights and thicknesses.
        • Non-slip Base: The anti-slip surface ensures that ATLAS remains firmly in position during use.
        • Proudly Italian: 100% designed and manufactured in Italy, guaranteeing top-notch quality.
        • Patent Protection: It is shielded by international patent rights, ensuring its unique design is exclusive to Montolit.
        • Eco-friendly: Made from ABS recyclable plastic, ATLAS is not only extremely durable but also environmentally responsible.

In essence, ATLAS acts as a universal and adjustable support for tiles, greatly simplifying especially challenging cuts.


detailed look atlas support system


Why ATLAS Stands Out

 Having a tool that can mitigate the risk of tile breakages can make all the difference in the professional world of tiling. Montolit’s ATLAS ensures that each cut is precise, efficient, and professional, allowing tilers to deliver top-quality results without the headache of potential breakages.



ATLAS by Montolit is a game-changer for professional tilers. Offering unparalleled support during the cutting process, it eliminates the need for makeshift solutions and provides a professional, efficient, and reliable method for tile cutting. With its impressive features and robust design, it’s evident that ATLAS is set to become an indispensable tool for tilers worldwide.



      • What is the main purpose of the ATLAS tool by Montolit?
        ATLAS is designed to support tiles during the cutting process, particularly when there’s a risk of imbalance or breakage due to overhanging tiles.
      • Is ATLAS compatible with all types of tile cutters?
        Yes, ATLAS has an adjustable height feature which makes it compatible with almost all professional tile cutters in the market.
      • Is the ATLAS tool eco-friendly?
        Absolutely! ATLAS is made from ABS recyclable plastic, making it both durable and environmentally responsible.