Laying glass tiles and mosaic in specific areas of the house allows you to give a great look to the environment by using light effects, reflections and colours. Glass also has excellent technical characteristics such as being scratch resistant, waterproof and having great durability.


The final aesthetic and technical result is however closely related to the laying process, which includes the cutting and drilling of glass plus the required specific skills and the right tools .


Due to the hardness and fragility of this material, the main problems related to cutting glass tiles are:
– Risk of surface chipping
– Risk of damaging the paint layer at the base of the tile
– Risk of damaging the whole tile


During the laying process it is possible to eliminate or at least reduce these risks by using a specific diamond saw on a water cooled tile cutting machine.
The Montolit diamond disc, model CPV, gives a perfect cut both on the surface of the tile and on its base, while perfectly preserving the paint.


The perfect cutting qualities contained within the CPV disc decreases glass and diamond blade overheating while cutting, thus avoiding sudden breakage.


Another notable advantage of this special diamond blade is the cutting speed, which is almost twice the average of other similar discs on the market, similar to that of the best discs for cutting porcelain gres.
Using the Montolit CPV range of diamond blades, the tile layer can count on a substantial saving of time, which means overall savings in the final cost of the work, thus making the customer happier.


CPV and other tools for cutting and drilling glass tiles are recommended by some of the world’s most prestigious mosaic and tiles producing factories.


The video shows some tests of linear cutting and Jolly 45 degrees cutting being carried out using a water cooled Montolit electric tile saw. The tiles are medium format glass tiles and glass plate 3 centimetres thick / about 1 inch. Particularly significant are the images in which the two glass tiles are perfectly coupled at 90 degrees immediately after cutting.


In case you need to touch up or smooth out the cut profile, both on the surface and on the painted side, we recommend using the Montolit diamond fine-grained pads (art. DT262 in the photo) that allow you to finish the cut edges carefully and remove any small imperfections.