Montolit introduces Monthor, the new Montolit patented Rubber Mallet with four different hitting points and four different shapes and hardness levels!

This mallet is specifically designed to fit the needs of professional tile setters.

The 4 hitting points of the new Rubber Mallet.

As you may know, every week a tile setter is facing new challenges, installing different types of stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Each material must be handled according to its unique technical characteristics, such as shape, hardness, surface, design and more.

For this reason, Montolit designed this ergonomic rubber mallet with four hitting points:

  1. A standard round head.
  2. An additional square head useful for even corners. 
  3. An upper flat knocker.
  4. A soft small lower knocker that can also be used horizontally. 

Each hitting point has a different weight and hardness, always providing the power needed.

What about the rubber of the mallet

Monthor mallet is made of special soft rubber, yielding a soft touch. More importantly, this specific type of rubber does not leave marks on your tiles or stones.

In addition, thanks to its shape and materials, Monthor Rubber Mallet drastically reduces the vibrations transmitted from the hammer to your hand. A shorter handle, compared with other mallets, makes for better handling.

Another relevant feature is the “No bouncing back system”, focusing the energy in one point allowing the user to exert pressure where it’s actually needed. 

Moreover, because it’s gentle on tile corners and surfaces, this mallet can be used to smoothly remove standard leveling systems.

A reinforced collar and hooking hole complete this new mallet, available in 500 gr or 1000 gr (1 and 2 pounds).

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