The photograph shows a typical case of rupture that has occurred in a laid tile.



s you can see the “crack” has appeared at the intersection of the two cuts which were probably made using a diamond blade to create the shape for The Wall.


These cracks usually form when the tiles are weakened due to the cut – either partial or multiple – and especially where they are cut to form the corners or edges.


Technically – anything which interrupts the continuity of the material can make these places more fragile and very delicate points of the tile.
Unfortunately, the cracks do not arise during the cutting or immediately after, but appear when the tile is already laid and is subjected to different loads such as the foot fall of the people, accidental impacts, weights of furniture and equipment.
Stress will also be created by natural movement of the house settling.


HOWEVER!! There is a simple but ingenious technical solution that can be adopted during cutting to avoid this kind of fracture problem:
It identifies the position of the sharp corner point of the angle and in correspondence the making of a small diameter hole at this point with a diamond drill (6/8 mm) will help overcome the weak point from where cracks and subsequent failure would spring from.


We make two cuts with a diamond blade taking specific care to avoid grinding/touching the edge of the hole previously created by the diamond hole cutter.


It is this small round edge that gives up to 90% greater strength to the tile and reduces the risk of cracks/fracture in the tile after it is fixed.