Montolit in mythology, from Atlas who carried the world on his shoulders to Atlas by Montolit.

Tiles are getting bigger and heavier. How to support them during delicate cutting operations?

Brevetti Montolit responds to this need with Atlas the universal elastic support.

Thanks to the height adjustment, it fits perfectly with the most popular tile cutters on the market, but the dominant feature that makes it a unique addition is the possibility of compression adjustment: harder for supporting large or thick tiles and softer for thin slabs or delicate ceramic tiles.

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With Atlas, the correct “support” of the tile on the engraving table is guaranteed even in the case of cantilevered placements or off-center diagonal cuts without jeopardizing the goodness of the operation and without forcing the operator to assume unergonomic or nonfunctional positions. Designed to solve everyday problems, it encapsulates the “smart” solutions that make it an indispensable accessory for all ceramic tile layers. In essence, it is not a trivial “shim” but a real progressive shock absorber adaptable according to technical needs, which, in addition to allowing the proper positioning of the tile during the etching phase, allows its descent at the time of its separation by providing the elastic support essential to ensure the best result.

Many professional tile cutters are equipped with supports or arms of various kinds to accommodate and support the tile, but today’s “big size” or thickened ceramic formats have made them unsuitable or otherwise insufficient in size or support strength. Atlas solves the problem for good, thanks to its versatility it can be used on the main professional machines on the market today, made of fully recyclable ABS, it is almost indestructible to impact and extremely resistant to weathering.

The sales package contains two sprung supports by which all tile sizes can be stably supported.

Atlas like many Montolit Patent products is covered by international patent.


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