GECONE is a professional battery-operated suction cup to be used EXCLUSIVELY for manual lifting and handling of ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, granite, marble.
Gecone has a pump built into the structure that, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and controlled by an electronic pressure switch, is able to maintain a constant vacuum level while ensuring maximum safety during use.
Gecone comes in a protective shockproof plastic case that also contains the second battery, charger and three different types of “gasket” to fit different ceramic surfaces.
– Red non-marking gasket with eight sealing lips suitable for smooth or moderately corrugated surfaces, the special anti-bending center gusset allows its use even on thin thicknesses and fragile materials such as delicate or glassy tiles.
– Black gasket with eight safety lips ideal for lifting very heavy slabs such as the latest generation of thickened tiles.
– Soft foam gasket excellent for very corrugated surfaces, adheres perfectly even to accentuated unevenness or rough materials such as three-dimensional profile tiles.
Using Gecone is very simple and safe, simply turn it on, place it on the surface to be lifted and activate the vacuum pump by exerting a little pressure. Just wait a few seconds to reach the maximum capacity level indicated by the set of lighted LEDs on the control console and lift, an operation facilitated by the comfortable gripping handle.
When and if it should be necessary to restore maximum tightness, Gecone will automatically activate, ensuring the necessary vacuum value and allowing safe operation without the need to stop its action. After the lifting is finished, the “release” will be very fast by holding down the appropriate button for a few seconds.
The battery charge level is indicated by colored LEDs on the display; the charging time is reduced to only 120 minutes, and in any case the autonomy is guaranteed by the second battery that is always available to the operator.




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